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 The Rules

the experience
Sessions are relaxed (but fast-paced), fun, and freeing. Don’t expect any stiff, super-posed shots. Images are real, spontaneous, and fresh. Once your session is booked, we’ll discuss location, clothing, and the overall feel of the session. You’ll receive a tips to prepare for the session and a full price schedule. It’s important to make sure we are a good match before booking so that we are all thrilled with the final images.

On average, most clients anticipate investing around $500-600 for a full family or newborn session to receive all proofed images on CD dependent on the session you choose.

choosing the location
Tell me about the feel you want for your session and I can help figure out the best plan for your session. I’m open to trying new places! Newborn/baby sessions are held in our studio due to nature of the session and how perfect the lighting/conditions need to be.
what’s it like?
I’ll show up to our session a little early and I will want to look everywhere to find the best light. We may bring furniture, props, etc. We’ll play and see what happens from there. It’s not going to be stiff and formal. Don’t be surprised if you see us dragging chairs and couches outside. Just keep an open mind! I always welcome your own ideas, so if you have something specific in mind, please tell me before the session so I can be sure to come prepared.

working with children
This should be FUN! Please let me lead the way and ask you if I need help. I will work at their level and their pace. Sometimes, we’ll work one-on-one, away from the pressures of “performing” from mom and dad. A favorite doll, a colorful toy, or other activities like bubbles, etc. are wonderful, too. It helps to make sure your child gets plenty of sleep the night before the session. A parent must always be present during the session. It is your responsibility to make sure kids stay safe and that infants/babies are within your arms’ reach.

If someone is sick, let’s reschedule. I will always reschedule newborn sessions if I am ill.