Newborn Giveaway!!! FUN FRIDAY!!

Starting in August….   EVERY FRIDAY we will be doing a weekly giveaway… this can be for a photo session, print credit, one of our camera couture products or something from our fabulous home line 🙂 just depends on how I feel for the week… Bottom line lets have some fun, give some stuff away and spread the word about MTR 🙂 Happy Friday!!

Because I love our fans and little Newborns we’ve been seeing lately, it’s time to give back!

We will be giving away 3 newborn sessions!! If you or someone you know is having a baby that will be born or due between July 29th thru Aug 9th they will qualify to win…

Here is what you have to do to enter to win:

~ Email me a letter at explaining why you or someone you know can benefit from this gift and why you think they should be nominated.  Please include name, email address & due date.  Letters may be no longer than 1 page.

~ Add us as a friend on Facebook

~ Leave a comment on the blog AND on the Facebook post letting us know why you like us and that you entered 🙂

take a peek at our website at…

take a peek at our photo couture line at….

visit our Facebook at…

winners will be announced on or before Aug 9th via Facebook and on the blog…

Good Luck!!!!