Calistoga/Napa Wedding photographer { here’s to thinking outside of our little boxes in life… }

This was my AMAZING Calistoga wedding we just did last weekend. You know its going to go well when the wedding itinerary says before the ceremony the guests will start out with a shot of patron and apple pucker. This was total spur of the moment totally spontaneous wedding and was amazing because of it. We got the call for this weddings only 30 days before the event date and had little time to plan. I was a little scared but in the end I have to say it was the most amazing experience I have ever had as far as wedding go. This wedding was 100% in the dark also. Yes they planned it so it was a night wedding. Very different but we were able to use what little light we had and make the most of it! The bride local owner of twigs gift store was  amazing to work with and the groom local artist and designer for jesse james ( YES JESSE JAMES of west coast choppers- WOW ). This wedding was AMAZING. I had no clue what I was in store for besides it was in Calistoga. I walked in that day with a full staff and an open mind and we rocked that wedding like no other.The bride and groom were soooooo easy to work for an so laid back. The words out of his mouth from the get go was do everything you ever wanted to do with your paying clients but cant. I want exactly the opposite of what everyone else’s pictures look like. That tall order to fulfill but it was what I had to deliver. WOW! I always say everything happens for a reason and I believe it does. This wedding was intentionally in the dark. I just went away to a FULL professional lighting training in June. IF I had not have gone to that training last summer I would NEVER have taken on that job. Because of my training I feel like we are one of the most competent wedding staff in northern California now. Because of my training we rocked that wedding. Well Michael and missy you changed my mind about thinking outside of the box and I hope I created a memory you will be sure to cherish for a lifetime. I LOVED every minute of every detail I captured. You both were amazing and wish you a bright future!

CHEERS to thinking outside the box as that is MTR’s new motto!

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