Yuba City Photographer { Girl’s Day Out with Taylor Swift }


The Hair Appointment because if your going  all the way to fresno to see T swift we better be BEAutiful! Althea the owner of Broadway Salon and Spa was kind enough to do chelsea’s hair for us that day. Althea is one of my FAVORITE people she has been doing my hair since Chelsea was in my belly. We LOVE her and LOVE her new salon. Jovita also did little Allyssa’s hair and did a great job! Thanks so much for working us in and making us super stars for the big concert!


The girls OF COURSE had to decorate the rig going down. by the time we got there it was VERY decorated with T swift excitement!


These were a few pictures of T swift magically coming into the crowd that just so happened to be RIGHT next to us. She kindly came down the isles and gave tons of girls loves and hugs. She then set up stage RIGHT in front of us which was AMAZING! who would have known we would get front row seats after all. As you can see we were all prepared and had T swift playing the whole way down to her sold out concert of a lifetime.

This Photography session was taken at the Taylor Swift Concert!   Three of us mommies took our daughters to the Taylor Swift Concert a few weeks ago in Fresno!  These girls had SO much fun ( Chelsea Chandler , Darcy Gillen and Allyssa Williams )!  Before we left Yuba City, they had their hair done ( by the AMAZING BROADWAY SALON in Yuba City )and were looking adorable to go see their FAVORITE, Taylor Swift!  We were so excited because Taylor came right into the crowd and stopped right in front of us to sing!  I was able to capture some amazing photos of her at that time!  She put on an amazing show! T swift is my Chelsea’s IDOL did I say IDOL I am not sure If I said that with enough EXCITEMENT. lol. At Christmas Chelsea’s daddy surprised her with tickets to this LONG sold out concert to T swift. These Tickets were NOT easy to get but we knew it was a must see for our little girl. It was a very fun girl’s day out that these girls will remember forever!


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