{ adorable abby explores the wildflowers } Yuba City family photographer

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This children’s and family photography session was taken at one of our private locations in yuba city. This is the time all of you have been waiting for the beautiful wildflowers. We just launched marketing for these babies this weekend and are expecting to be very busy in the next month. I cant promise how long the fields will be in bloom so booking early is recommended. This is one of my favorite little girls I mean princesses- Abby. Abby is now in grade school but has grown up in my daycare since she was a wee one. We always have an amazing time when out shooting. She is in love with her preschool sweetheart {Zach }. I know when shooting with abby all I need to do is talk about Zach and I get her instantly daydreaming. I love what I get when go on and on about her 1st love. LOL. She is an absolute doll. Thanks Eustler family for your time. It was so much fun playing today. It was fun trying new ideas as most times I really dont have time to just play. I really enjoyed our time. Cant wait to see you guys for your family photography session here very soon!

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This was abby daydreaming about her prince charming zach from her preschool days at busy bees daycare…

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this is the picture of abby and zach last summer. They insist that abby is zach’s princess and zach is abby’s prince charming. so fun!

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