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This Newborn Photography session was from the training I went to last weekend.  It’s not often that you get the chance of a lifetime like this.  As most of you know, I am an all over the place photographer. I can do weddings, seniors, families, and I can get any kid to do anything for a marshmallow. LOL  But with newborns I haven’t been as confident.  I have a pretty decent portfolio, but I have to admit that I was far from comfortable or posing properly. That being said, I was tired of being intimidated or stressed at my newborn sessions.  Right after Christmas I got this crazy idea to go away to Newborn training.   It just so happened that Kelly and Tracy two of  America’s best (in my opinion, no doubt) Newborn Photographers managed to make room for me to squeeze into their class.  I traveled to Omaha, Nebraska- YES that’s what I said, Nebraska in January!  When I arrived in Omaha the weather was supposed to be -22 degrees.  We do strange things for what we love!  I am so happy I made the trip across the country. This class was absolutely amazing and helped me find confidence in something I was not comfortable doing before.  I still can’t say what I will be specializing in, but after this year I will be slimming down to a specialty. Can’t wait to see what that will be!  Until then, thank you with all my heart to these two women for opening their home and studio to help photographers who want to better themselves.  In this field, it’s not often, from what I have found, to have friendly relationships with other photographers because they are competitors.  I say heck with all that nonsense, it’ more about helping people.  We were all there once and there’s more business out there than any one of us can handle.  What Kelly and Tracy do is truly amazing!   Check out their baby posing blog to see all their magic at http://kelleyryden.com/blog/.  These 2 are truly baby whisperers.  Can’t wait to start playing with our little marathon of newborns this month!



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