The Sharma/Lybarger Family ( cuddly adorable Kayden )

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This was a new client of mine the Sharma Family. They were so fun to work with! You never know what your going to get when a family walks thru the door. Every child is at a different place as far as what they will do in a new strange place. Little Kayden did really well. He was a little shy. We had big plans to do lots of exciting stuff for individual pictures but really all he wanted was his mommy. What was going to be a basic children’s session with a  few shots of mommy and him turned into something totally amazing. I did manage to get some really cute single shots of him but mostly I was able to capture the connection between him and his mommy.  I know these images are so much more special and timeless for mom anyways. The next time I see Kayden he will probably be a bit older and just fine doing all the fun things I have planned for him independently. As one of my favorite songs go… It wont be like this for long- or he wont be like this for long! Enjoy your precious baby Megan you both were amazing to work with! See you next time!

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