yuba city children’s and family photographer {pink october yuba city}

survivor2 copy

This children’s and family photography session was done at the studio the studio location in yuba city. This event was done especially for the race for awareness event in yuba city to help out the geweke caring for women foundation.

Believe it or not pink October is here! this week we have a few very fun community events planned. One of them being the pink october – race for awareness this saturday october 3rd in yuba city at Geweke field. This saturday you will find Moments to remember and our team out on the field doing a fundraiser to raise $ for the geweke women’s foundation. Our contribution will be setting up a fun photo set for you to come and get pictures in pink to reflect on the importance of this event. So come one come all and here is your chance to get a fun pictures with your family of survivors. The photo set will include all kinds of fun pink things pink petti skirts, boas and anything pink we can find around the studio! this booth is encouraged to be a place to take pictures with survivors and their families but are not limited to that. MTR is there for the morning for any of your photo needs as long as we are raising $ for the cause. Thats the whole point here. So if you have a toddler or a senior or any scenario you all are welcomed and encouraged to take advantage of our talented team that morning. I really thank the Geweke family for including us in such a special event like this it truly is an honor to be apart of something so very special. children photography is my specialty so this should be a fun event. I will be sure to bring some pink treats for all the little munchkins! Pictures will start at $15. See you there!