Moments to remember family photographer { The Ellis Family Goes Urban }

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Today I had the privilege of being on my 1st traveling photography session with this Yuba City family. I have been the Ellis Families Photographer since early 2009 and have loved every minute of knowing this family. I love working with them as they are soooo much fun as you will see in their portfolio. This is not your traditional photography session that I do at my studio in Yuba City. In fact it’s quiet the opposite.  When you travel and find neat locations like these the sky is the limit on what I can do with a family. This Photography style is not for everyone but I am hoping it may spark the interest of some o f my Yuba City and Marysville clients and cause them to think outside the box for their sessions. I am not only exclusively going to be doing urban, but I do want to offer urban kids and urban family photography as a choice now for families. I still get calls daily for the jeans and white t-shirts very traditional photo shoots and I am happy to accommodate those clients as that was the foundation of my business. I may now however choose suggesting spicing your clothing selection up a bit with splashes of color. Now that clients have seen some of my new colorful stylish work several of you have requested clothing consultations. This has been very fun to accommodate you on this because I believe whole heartedly clothing/color is key in my sessions now. It makes for one more interesting factor to make your family picture different from any one else’s. Thanks Ellis family for an awesome photography session. Your Photographer love your family and can’t wait to see you in September for more family photos!!!

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