River Valley senior Photographer { Chelsea says good bye to Yuba City }

_MG_1042-8webI was Chelsea’s senior photographer last year when she attended River Valley in Yuba City. Chelsea is heading off to college in just a few mos. She is sooo excited! Here are some fun photos for her mom to remember her by as she makes her journey into life and leaves home. I know she will be missed. I just met her only a year ago and she is one of the dearest and sweetest young girls I have met. Good luck as you Leave Yuba City Chelsea and may you always remember your favorite Photographer who was so much fun! LOL. Truly we do have so much fun when we shoot!  To see more of beautiful Chelsea and her pictures click here.




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To see other samples of moments to remember photography’s

senior portfolio click here….   and here…. you have to scroll wayyyy down to get to the senior samples from ’09.