{Are You Ready To Relay} Relay for life 2009 – yuba city and Marysville childrens photographer



These were just a few of the fun pictures I got at relay from Saturday. This was the 1st year I have done or even been to this even. It was amazing! It was such an fun day. Words can’t explain the feeling you get when you see just how many people have been affected by cancer. It was a very sobering day. It truly makes you appreciate just how lucky we really are to be healthy. I wish I would have taken more pictures of all our little helpers in action because it was honestly a sight to see. The biggest { little } helpers of the day were Chelsea, Darcy and Mason. Those Kiddos made a TON of snow cones and cotton candy. They were there every minute of our day and never stopped helping. I want to thank all my Daycare families for their support time and donations making this booth possible. Also Raychell needs a very special thanks as she was our team leader who kept us all in line. Next year I have a good idea what this event really is and we will get started much earlier and get many more families involved. Thanks again guys for such a fun day!




810blog1Hi Guys this year MTR and Busy Bees Daycare are doing a {Children and Laughter} booth at the 2009 Relay for life event. As you all know I do daycare and the photography as a side hobby. They really go hand in hand so what a better way to incorporate both for one fun day. I think it’s great because our little kiddos are learning lots about helping others in need. So our little Busy Bees are out in full force ready to make you the best snow cones and cotton candy you’ve ever tasted. So stop by and grab some for only $1.

We are going to have such a fun time.

See you there!