{My new site colors/style}

_mg_0327 I am so absolutely excited! I have been working what feels like forever to build the portfolio that reflects the direction I want to go in photography.  I love my old whimsical timeless style but as I have evolved as a photographer in the last year I am finding I absolutely love the creativity that comes from doing an urban funky shoot. I love the results I get when you just come say “michelle do your job” we play dress up and see what we get. My best shoots have come from clients who have been open to anything. Well my dilemma has been- how in the world do I incorporate my old style that made me who I am today and the style I really love. Well I still have some work on the site but it’s pretty near done. I don’t think I have to give up one style or another I think I can incorporate both fun styles into one label. I want to be that photographer who can be flexible. I just hope to offer something for everyone. I still plan of having the same poses and settings you love, just much more exciting clothing and sets. All of my clients love the fun new bright props and clothing. My assistants and hubby is going to kill me if I get one more prop. LOL. I have been working really hard to gather and purchase a complete high end line of props and clothing for kids of all ages so you can come to me and I can enhance your style whatever it may be. So don’t wait any longer and go check out your friends and family on my family site I have just revamped!!! Enjoy your stay.


On the note of studio- it still is in the works believe it or not. Its just completely out of my hands when you are dealing with engineering and planning and contractors. My dad a contractor up in Truckee has all my supplies all lined up we are just very back and forth on the changes that are being made. Never the less I have all the supplies I need to do my job in my tiny little room all of you have seen and I make the best of it. It just goes to show you don’t need some fancy studio to do your work. Although I will be so excited to get into my new studio here soon.


Well off to get prepped for what is going to be one of the most amazing weddings of the year! Next week I will be posting some of the images. This is going to be an amazing fairytale wedding setting happening in the middle of nowhere out in a beautiful pasture. The setting is amazing and beautiful. How this family is getting technology out to where we will be located is beyond me. They are expecting 400 people at this event. It’s going to be huge. Off to prep………