{ My Little Busy Bees Graduate } Yuba City childrens Photographer

zach1This is a special post because these little are my Little Busy Bees. I have spent all this time covering everyone else’s graduation only to notice that my little busy bees need a shoot of their own as they are graduating into the life of a big kid. I am going to be so sad (I already am just writing this post). Most of these kids have been with me from 6 weeks on. You hardly notice day to day how they change when you see them so much and now they are off to school. Wow! It is going to be so different next year with out them. I have really enjoyed this group of kids. The awesome thing about this daycare is everyone is great friends with everyone and I know all the kids will continue to be the best of friends. Well Congrats Busy Bees on your graduation from Pre School. I know you all will do great in life!


This is a total surprise to these mommies so I hope you enjoy your little Rock Stars…. It was so fun watching you learn and grow.


I am going to find some baby photos of these guys from back in the day this week and put them with their post just to show the mommies and their friends just how much they have changed.allyssazaiann