{ Sadie- Yuba City High Graduate } Yuba City High School Senior Photographer



 Sadie was out to see me just a few weeks ago with her BFF Ashley. Well tonight it was Sadie’s turn. Sadie did a great job. She is a YC High Cheerleader and a little beauty queen. It was quiet a fun shoot as her mom is absolutely hands down my funniest client ever- Julie Brown. I just started following this family last summer and I absolutely adore them. She was cracking me up the whole entire session. Made for a fun night! Oh and I can’t forget I had to take this shot of her studying as she truly love having her head in the books. LOL.


 Thanks Julie and Sadie!sadie1


I just had to put this one in here. I did this shoot for Julie back last fall. This is her 10 year old son Kevin. Yes only 10! He is such a little cutie. This is hobby racing cars. He is an awesome little boy. I didn’t have a blog last fall so I had to sneak this shoot in to her post. I knew Sadie wouldn’t mind. Watch oout mom he is going to be a heart breaker!