{ Yuba City MORP Dance- It's the backwards prom! } Yuba City High School Senior Photographer

morp-flyer1What a fun dance this is going to be!  This will be my very 1st job at Yuba City High School. This event will take place on May 15th from 8-11 pm at YC high. MTR staff will be on location for all your photography needs.  This will be the largest event we have done so far, but I think it’s nothing we can’t handle.  A BIG Thanks to Kim Webb and to the ASB staff for giving me the opportunity to do this event. The flyer for the event and the pricing are in this post. As stated on the order form pictures will be available at MTR studio on May 29th for pick up. Contact info is located on the flyer. I am even taking this event one step further and creating a website for these teens just for this event.  This site will give them access to see their pictures and share their memories with friends after the fact. I figured these tech savvy kids would love this feature.  More to come on that soon…

I have to give Hope Ithurburn with { Invitations by Hope } special thanks for designing this pricing guide. I was far too busy last week to sit down stop and to design a pricing masterpiece. Well this is Hopes specialty so I let her do what she does best. I think she has a new Permanente client. 


Until the next time€¦€¦..prom-pricing