{ My Chelsea Turns 9 } Yuba City children's photographer

untitled-1I am always blogging about your families and telling stories about your magic moments€¦. Well I thought it would be fun now and then to incorporate some of my families fun moments also. Today was my Chelsea’s 9th Bday and our good friends planned a day in Roseville that included roller skating, PF Changs and cold stone creamery. Yes I said roller skating, I can’t believe it but I actually roller-skated. As much as I was not stoked about the skating thing it turned out pretty darn fun. Going anywhere with our crazy friends I don’t think it could be anything but fun. Chelsea’s big party is Friday but we decided to give her gift to her today. Every young pre teen child loves and wishes they could have their parent’s cell phone right? Well not happening in our home just yet. Instead Apple has came out with this nifty little gadget the ITouch. This little crazy gadget has almost full capabilities of the IPhone except you have no monthly fee. The only catch is that you can DL apps, make calls and text all day long only if you are in a wireless network. Well most people and places nowadays have wireless so this was a prefect gift for the girl who has everything. I don’t know where she gets that from. LOL. So needless to say we have one happy Chelsea. In this post are some of the recaps of our skating fun. Our lovely friends Ann and Jeramy were kind enough to assist Chelsea is some one on one training in skating. This included taking a few falls. The picture in the middle is a sunset I spotted on our way home. It was perfect I knew I had to get the capture. The photo was taken while driving on the hwy on the way home from Roseville at 60 MPH. The perfect ending to a perfect day€¦€¦€¦