Yuba City Family Photography { The Ithurburn Family of 17 }

the-1-fam-2 All I can say is WOW. This was a very exciting night for all of us involved. Hope and I have been planning this session for months now and her vision of capturing her family finally came to life after Saturday night. I have had so many families attempt this same exact task and have inevitably never been successful rounding up all their family at one time. Well that was not the problem with the Ithurburn Family- they are a team! They all came dressed so beautifully. This family was so patient as we really asked for a miracle that night. It was very comical just to replay the whole event. The best part was their great attitude about the whole experience. That made all the difference in the world. When things seemed to start getting a little hectic we got a surprise visit from the good old Easter bunny that had already been out all day visiting with MTR clients. This was so fun for the kids. I have to thank Jessica and Jena as they both came to help make all this fall into place for this family. Thanks Ithurburn family you were a pleasure to work with. I can’t tell you how happy you are going to be that you made this happen. What a wonderful gift for a family to have forever. These are truly moments to remember!the-i-fam-3the-i-fam-1