{ Katharine’s Top Secret Senior Shoot } yuba city high school senior photographer


This is a very special shoot. My Voudouris family who is quickly becoming a frequent and a good friend here at moments to remember photography. Kristin the Voudouris mommy just had the beautiful twins featured on my website.  Well those twins had the most beautiful handmade birth announcements made by her good friend kristin also (confusing I know). These announcements were amazing- let me tell you. It just so happens she is a long time friend also. Well the twins mommy decided to thank her friend for all her hard work by purchasing her senior daughter a session to help remember her before she goes of to Chicago for college.  This has been a big top secret mission we have been on trying to keep this a secret from Katherine’s mom for 2 weeks now. It is so funny because Katherine’s mom has wanted to schedule a session for this reason and we have been very lucky to get senior Katharine in before mom found out.  Anyhow the cats out of the bag this week and enjoy. What a more precious gift than one of these fun memories mom can hold onto as her precious daughter starts on a new journey in life. I have to make on comment in aside to this really super fun story. This senior had to be to most fun and happy senior I have ever met. She was so much fun. I really had no need for poses as she pretty much was a natural.  Best of luck Katherine on your new journey in life. I know you will do well.



 A little blurb from the Voudouris mommy (kristin)-


Kristin, what a gift you gave our family…………..those amazing baby announcements you handmade………all 160 of them!  Your friendship continues to be a treasure in my life!  I wanted to give you and your mom a special thank you gift………..what better than priceless pictures of Katharine, as you prepare to send her off to college.  You gave her roots, now she is spreading her wings!  You blessed me and my girls; I pray this is a blessing for you and your girl!  Love, ME




Thank you again Michelle for amazing photography!

Kristin v.