{ Nowinski Winner } Yuba city family photography


Well I have officially added the votes. As of midnight the Ueberschaer boys were the winners of this exciting race.  This was a close race. The Ueberschaers won by just 12 votes.  Both will be winners in my eyes. These ladies tried so hard and really poured their heart into this fun event. You all have been good sports! Above is the picture that will be going into Nowinskis office next week. We decided to get a slightly closer shot as many commented they liked this one better.  It’s all about what looks best in this beautiful soon to be  doctors office gallery.  Thanks so much for everyone’s support. Each of these 2 families will be awarded a complimentary 16×20 fine art metallic print for their hard work. So everyone ends up a winner. Next week I will have a mock up wall display showing you the wall of art titled “the circle of life”.