{ Dr Nowinski’s Update } Yuba city family photographer

Wow is all I can say!!! It is amazing the response I have got from this poll. 1 little picture on 1 little wall in a Dr’s office= 1 big task at hand. This is going to be very difficult. I still have not even begun to add up votes as they are everywhere. I have had votes come in thru email, FB and people have posed votes to the actual families post and the N update post. Votes are everywhere. What a  job this is going to be. I sure opened up a can of worms. LOL. I still say its really close as of last night. It is hilarious to me. I have to approve all these votes so every time I get a  patch of 10 or so you get a ton from one family but then at the same hand the contender gets the same amount of votes.  It has been like this the whole time. I just have to laugh. These families are serious about willing that spot. I love it. The blog has got hit over 2000 times in the last 3 days and we have almost 300 new visitors. That is just crazy to me. You guys have family!!! I think its great though. This has been a really fun thing.  Thanks so much guys. The winner will be announced tomorrow morning.  Only 12 hrs to go before the polls close…….