{ Poll for Dr Nowinski’s Office Yuba City } The most votes wins!!! Yuba City family, children and newborn photographer





Hi Guys this is going to be fun. I am having a little contest. I am about to decorate Dr Nowinskis office with Canvases galore. Anyone who knows him knows he is one of the best and most professional OB’s in town. His staff and family are just as wonderful. This is a very hard task choosing my favorite pictures out of your families. I love all my families. But don’t worry this might be my 1st but it wont be my last office. So plenty more wall space in Yuba City to fill with your beautiful families. Well for the most part I have made decisions on my favorites but I need help with 1 picture. So I am opening up the polls to see what you want to see on the walls. The theme of my 1st wall when you walk in to DR Nowinskis office is the circle of life… It will start out with an engaged couple with a young man proposing to his future wife, then it will proceed to the wedding, then the maternity, then the baby, then the kids, then the settled in family, then the senior and more adult years then onto the Nowinski grandparents playing with their precious little grandbabies. That is the circle of life.  How precious! Well I need your help deciding on a picture that represents the childhood years. You all know children are my specialty and the whimsy of childhood is my middle name. So cast your vote and you be the judge.

Here is what to do…

I will show the 4 nominees for the front lobby picture themed “childhood” in this post. All you do is just hit post a comment right below and let me know what you think… Easy stuff. The picture with the most votes will be the canvas winner. So tell one tell all!!! Email all your friends and family. VOTE VOTE VOTE. Just no creating fake profiles to make your favorite child win ( aprill ). LOL. The deadline is THIS Thursday.

I am getting this office done finally! Yea I am soooo excited! Just wait these images will melt your heart the second you walk in his doors. This is why I do what I do….