{ New Blogsite and New High School Senior Site }

Hi guys I think my work might be complete as far as sites go… Yea right my friends say. Seriously I think I am done. Now when you enter my site clients have the option to go to the blog, the wedding site, the family and children site or the NEW high school senior site launches just yesterday. I did this so people can go view only what they are interested in and not have to look thru themes that may not interest them. I still have some customizing to do for the senior and wedding site but at least they are up and running. By far my favorite is still my family and children site.



The new blogsite- all I can say is awesome! It is the coolest thing ever. I have earned that my blog is a crucial part of advertising, more important almost than my portfolio sites. This is where clients go to see the latest and greatest pictures and get updates on the new studio as it goes up etc. So the appearance may look similar but the features are crazy cool and unique. Check it out and enjoy your stay!