The new addition to the Patane Family



I am supposed to be off working on a major project right now until February but when I got the call from the Patane Family there was no question I had to see The New Princess Ava. This baby was a dream! This baby slept for 2 hours as I worked my magic with her. This family was a pleasuer to work with as they were willing to do anything and everything I needed to get this job done as they wanted a good product. Well done mom and dad. Stay tuned to see more of this little angel as I take them into the studio where we are going to do some amazing things that will blow your mind next week. Special thanks to Jena for all her help. She was an awesome help for the day!

I have a new way of posting client pictures assuming time permits… You all know my clients have a hard time choosing what poses they want. That’s why my package is called I know I am going to love them all- right? Well I have just as much trouble picking my favorite to post as you do picking them out. I love them all too! So what I am doing now is a collage of your sneek peeks. Like I stated time permiting this will be the new procedue for the blog. Fun stuff!

Here is one of my absolute favorites I had to post seperatley.